WikiToLearn Desktop Client

A cross-platform Qt/QML application for offline browsing of wikitolearn. User can browse WikiTolearn read the content and can save the content if he likes it . User can manage his pages : delete , update them .
the client is cross-platform . Currently client works on Linux , Windows and Android devices.

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A kind of CTF-type mainly focused on Cryptography and Steganography.
User will move from beginner level to advanced level . User is provided with a reading material / tutorial which he can read / watch to understand the basic concepts needed to solve a level. Once user solves the level he can move on to the next stage and so on ...


Ambot is a simple telegram bot which was created to answer FAQ of Amity University for ex : what is dress code of AIIT department etc .
I am still working on this bot it will be updated soon . the bot is made of GWB(GeeksWebBot) framework !!


Just a bunch of vulnerable pages to demonstrate OWASP TOP 10.


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